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Sports Mouth Guards

Professionally made mouth guards are safest choice for all athletes. Professional custom guards offer higher levels of protection than store-store bought guards, to keep your teeth safe while you enjoy your favourite sport.

A dental mouth guard helps keep your jaw, tongue, and cheeks safe, while preventing dental trauma like fractured teeth and tooth loss. Custom mouth guards can also keep your teeth safe from the intense pressure of grinding your teeth while you sleep.

A custom mouthguard offers better protection than a store bought guard because it is fitted to your mouth. Store bought guards offer some protection, but if they don’t fit properly they’re more likely to fall out on impact, leaving your teeth and jaw vulnerable.

A custom fit mouthguard designed just for you will also be more comfortable to wear. It will fit how your teeth are arranged, and there won’t be any extra bulky material that can cause rubbing and irritation on your cheeks or gums.

Athletes who play contact sports, or who may have accidental impacts with hard surfaces, need to make sure they are protecting their jaw and teeth. We provide these custom fit mouthguards with a wide range of colours to reflect your team colours. Athletes such as hockey, football, and rugby players, as well as freeride skiers, should consider mouthguards to protect themselves from injury.